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Dr. Tim Cunningham is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, healthcare consultant, and non-profit leader. All things well-being.

Nurse, executive leader, scholar, and clown, Tim’s professional experiences have informed his unique and entertaining voice. He began his career as an actor. Then inspired by the art of Clown and the healing power of laughter, he became an emergency nurse. His work in level 1 trauma centers in the U.S. and humanitarian crises globally inspired him to study the power of compassion and resilience. Following the completion of his doctorate in public health, he became and author, scholar, professor, and then executive leader, prioritizing structural changes in large health systems to heal their teams that their interprofessional teams may better heal their patients.

From consulting to keynotes, commencement remarks to workshops, Tim’s work sparks creativity, playfulness, and joy.

About Tim

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Tim will partner with you to build organizational well-being and creativity. Burnout is rampant in health care and business, Tim has solutions to share.



  • Keeping Well-being Relevant
  • Finding Playfulness in the Mundane
  • Abundance over Scarcity
  • Catastrophe and Kites
  • Laughter: Not the BEST Medicine, but too often, the ONLY Medicine Available
  • Well-being in Times of Uncertainty
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  • Infusing Well-Being Throughout your Career
  • Leadership Through the Lens of Well-Being
  • Healthy Teams, Healthy Patients
  • Playfulness, Creativity, and Sparks of Joy–New Ways to Face Old Problems
  • Abundance Over Scarcity: Leading Courageously
tim cunningham presenting: The Case for Playfulness in Your Doctoral Journey


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